Friday, January 3, 2014

One month to go!

Hi all! Happy New Year!

Just wanted to say hello and express a good bit of excitement about the final month of wedding preparation. We're in the process of putting the finishing touches on our plans and can't wait to share everything with you and see everyone so soon.

If you're interested, a few A&A-related updates:

  • We just returned to our little apartment in Maryland after a whirlwind few weeks traveling across the Mid-Atlantic and New England. For the first time ever we spent Christmas Eve and Day together in Massachusetts with Mary and Ira, which was lovely and wonderful but a little sad. Luckily, FaceTime is a beautiful thing and it was almost like being with the LiBettis in real life.

  • Our arrival in Massachusetts was a big surprise for Mary who, to her credit, took the surprise quite well and neither screamed nor cried. During our time in Greenfield we played in a snowstorm, learned how to knit, worked out a whole lot, took our chances with the lottery and won a little, cuddled with the dogs, faked being a CrossFitter, participated in a cut-throat Yankee Swap, ate Bettie's amazing chocolate-covered peanut butter bullseyes, took home a lifetime supply of jalapeƱos, hung out with Beth, Jason, and Madison. We also drove Ira's truck around for a day, which was horrifying and amazing, had a close scare with a missing wallet (Alex's, obviously...), enjoyed our respective girls and boys nights out, and were on the receiving end of a whole lot of love.

  • We were in Delaware with the LiBetti family both before and after Christmas, where it was 20 degrees warmer than Greenfield. We braved the barely-cold without jackets, wrapped presents in the warmth with the LiBetti siblings, took on the harrowing but necessary act of returning items after Christmas, and witnessed the Eagles seal the NFC East (finally). Alex, being the machine that he is, commuted to work in Baltimore from Delaware for two days, while Ashley and honorary-sister-Kara crafted their faces off in wedding prep. There was, of course, more cuddling with the dogs, enough working out to prevent Sean from using his arms for two days, an amazing dinner on New Year's Eve, serving breakfast (in hairnets! imagine...) at the Sunday Breakfast Mission early New Year's Day, and had a diner breakfast and a nap to recover. Plus, as you may have predicted, experienced a whole lot of love.

  • Now that we're back home, we're having fun figuring out the last little details (or... big details...!) of the wedding. Since it's officially one month until game-time, we're much more comfortable pulling the trigger on all sorts of really important things we didn't feel ready to previously. Our cake toppers, for example, or the hotel in San Jose where we're going to spend approximately 11 hours on our last night in Costa Rica. It seems the deadline has cleared our vision.
That's it for now! Check back for updates as the final month wraps up... we love you!!