Los Padres: The Parents
For the two of us, it's blatantly obvious that we are the [amazing, witty, stunning, genius] people we are because of our [glorious, clever, gorgeous, brilliant] parents. You probably think you know the LiBetti and Mitchel families fairly well but we're going to tell you a bit more -- because we can't say enough about how much we love these humans and how lucky we would be if we turn out just like them.

The Mothers

Geri LiBetti (Mother of the Bride)

Geri is the Clinical and Operations Director of Abdominal Organ Transplant at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She may or may not subsist solely on wine, salmon, and chips and salsa. In her spare time she runs, considers new jobs and new houses, and strives for additional letters to put after her name. Geri quietly keeps everyone in line around her - she even stayed awake during a recent knee surgery lest the surgeons have questions. For Geri, maybe the only thing that trumps a new and unexpected adventure is being surrounded by the people she loves... or rescuing an animal. Ashley attributes her ambition, her legendary eyelashes, and her restless soul to her mom.

Mary Mitchel (Mother of the Groom)

Mary is the Health Center Manager of Valley Medical Group in Easthampton, MA. She is renowned for her laugh, her scream, and more homemade dishes than can be listed here. Mary has an amazing memory for people's names - just not the people she's speaking to. Perhaps the best testament of Mary's caretaker superpowers is the frequency with which she has been called to action to save someone's life on a trip, at a party, or anywhere else she goes. Alex attributes to his mom his fastidiousness, his wizardry in the kitchen, and his golden complexion.

The Fathers

Ira Mitchel (Father of the Groom)

Ira is a Subway restaurant owner. He's known for being the most generous guy around, a devoted family man, for laughing so hard he looks like he might hyperventilate, and as the guy you would want to be stuck in a foxhole with. Legend has it Ira fled a colorful past in Pittsburgh at the age of 18 with just $1000 in his pocket and settled in the happy valley of Western Massachusetts. After many years corrupting this small community, Ira was himself reformed when he met Saint Mary. Alex attributes to his dad his love for a good debate as well as a good laugh, and his striking dark handsome features.

AJ LiBetti (Father of the Bride)

AJ is a Senior Account Executive at American Duplicating Products. His voice seems permanently set a couple degrees higher in volume than everyone else. But then, everything about AJ is a couple degrees higher -- his standard for a job well done, his infectious laugh, his stylish appearance, and the speed at which he takes sharp turns. Don't let the strong Italian name and Philly roots fool you, this guy's actually a big mush, especially for his family and his pups. Ashley attributes her luscious curls, her dog whispering abilities, and being a bold MFer to her dad.