As of 28 August 2013, 17 people are attending our wedding adventure in Costa Rica! Below is a list of our esteemed guests, to give you a quick rundown of who to expect to hang out with if you're coming, and who you're missing out on if you aren't coming.

The LiBetti Family

You've already met most members of the LiBetti family in the other sections, but in case you've forgotten:
  • AJ LiBetti (father of the bride, kryptonite to middle-aged women and animals, bold MFer)
  • Geri LiBetti (mother of the bride, ignorer of rules, seeker of adventure)
  • Sean LiBetti (bride's brother, groomsman, former child model, general badass)
  • Lauren LiBetti (bride's sister, bridesmaid, sweats glitter, animal protector) 

The Mitchel/Boudreau Family

You've also already met the Mitchel and Boudreau families. Again, a quick reminder:
  • Mary Mitchel (mother of the groom, family caretaker, saver of lives)
  • Ira Mitchel (father of the groom, "fixer", incredibly generous, all about adventures)
  • Beth Boudreau (groom's sister, bridesmaid, full of sass, interior design guru)
  • Jason Boudreau (groom's brother-in-law, groomsman, loyal and determined, decent at witty banter)
  • Madison Boudreau (groom's niece, flower girl, precocious and wily but in the sweetest way)

Sandie Lambert

Sandie is Geri's sister and Ashley's aunt. When living in LA, Aunt Sandie saw Ashley and Alex nearly every weekend. Sandie is an MMA vixen, drives a silver sports car, and enjoys leather and the beach (but not simultaneously). She is a heroic animal lover, though sometimes it hurts her heart to be so.

At the gun club, obviously.
Brenda Lambert and Kali Fitzpatrick

Brenda Lambert is Geri's sister and Ashley's aunt. She and her daughter, Kali, live in Watford, Ontario, where the Lambert girls grew up. Around this time last year, Brenda married a man who had a crush on her in kindergarten. Both Brenda and Kali are opinionated and sassy with loads of ambition and drive.

Kali with cousins Lauren and Sean during a visit to the States
The Lambert girls (L to R: Brenda, Sandie, Geri) in Mali
Jean, Peter, and Dee Murphy

Jean is Alex's aunt and Mary's sister; Peter is Jean's husband. Jean and Peter live not too far from Mary and Ira, and Alex grew up alongside their sons Daniel and Sam. Daniel, otherwise known as Dee, is also attending the wedding. He's never come in below third place in any trivia contest.

Jean and Peter at their son Sam's wedding
Dee getting some smooches from Besa while visiting LA 
Justin Flavelle and Dan Carey

You may have noticed that two male faces (other than Alex's) often show up in LiBetti family pictures. Those studs are also coming to Costa Rica. They are: 
  • Justin Flavelle (Lauren's boyfriend, law student, Settlers of Catan champion)
  • Dan Carey (Sean's best friend, burgeoning photographer, sometimes a good influence)
For reference, they look like this:

Justin, on the right, grubbing on some sliders and fries with the groom
Dan, on the right, posing with his bestie Sean

Sean, Lauren, and Dan out in Grand Bend - with (not pictured) the groom, the bride, and Justin