About the Bride

Ashley recently completed her Master's in Public Policy at Johns Hopkins University and now does nerdy education research in DC. She has notorious olfactory abilities and a penchant for sass. She enjoys contorting and meditating in 105 degree heat while getting yelled at (Bikram yoga). If you have ever seen her with her glasses on, you're in the inner circle. Ashley not-so-secretly has an enormous heart, especially for animals and her boo, and is a rabid Eagles fan.

About the Groom

Alex is a law student at the University of Maryland and a law clerk at Ballard Spahr. He considers Coors Light, chips and salsa, and gummy bears to be among the finer things in life. Most ESPN commentators secretly turn to Alex for Fantasy Football advice. If we come across any large tropical spiders while in Costa Rica, please carry Alex to safety. He feels inexplicably lucky to have his two girls, Ashley and Besa... and from time to time, he wonders if they aren't Cylons.

Before being Bride and Groom...

Ashley and Alex met during the summer of 2006, when they were both going into their third year at McGill. They were introduced randomly on the street through a mutual friend. After more than a year of failed pick-up lines, pseudo-stalking, false starts, and other sordid details involving Russians and laundry, they officially started dating in September 2007. After five years together, in three cities and across two countries, Alex asked Ashley for the only birthday present he wanted for the rest of his life -- and then he put a ring on it.

Check out some mushy, mostly-self-taken photos from over the years!

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