Lauren LiBetti

Lauren is Ashley's "baby sister". She's actually 24 (which is super old), and a journalism student in Toronto. She once lost a pink hat out the car window on a highway and made AJ turn around to get it because she, too, is a mush for inanimate objects. She's known to some as LVL, Larnie, Livie -- in fact, she's so famous that Nonnie thinks the dogs are named after her. Lauren is fiercely loyal and has the kindest heart, but won't think twice about messing you up if you cross her family or her animals.

Beth Boudreau

Beth is Alex's sister. She works at TJX Corporation and lives in Holliston, MA with her husband and daughter on a farm. In high school, she once ran away to Maine for a weekend-long Phish concert, among other indiscretions, effectively paving the way for Alex to get away with anything thereafter. She is known for her laugh-cry, for an array of remarkable artistic talent, and for packing a mean punch.


Jason Boudreau

Jason is Alex's brother-in-law. He works at Robert Half International and lives in Holliston, MA with his girls on the farm. Among his impressive range of athletic abilities, Jason is a scratch golfer, an early-round selection in any pickup basketball game, and a fearsome pool monster. It should be noted that he looks much more mature in this photo than he actually is. Jason is also a family man without peer, and the best brother any guy or gal could hope to acquire, except maybe for Sean.  
Sean LiBetti

Sean is Ashley's "baby brother". He somehow manages to work full-time, go to school full-time, and party full-time. He has quite possibly the most bad-ass-looking Harley we've ever seen (sorry, AJ). He also is a big softy when it comes to two lucky dachshunds (he contains multitudes). Sean regularly entertains and/or bends over backwards for his family, and is the best brother any guy or gal could hope to acquire, except maybe for Jason.

Flower Girl

Madison Boudreau

Madison is Beth and Jason's daughter and Alex's niece. She is eight years old but you're likely to forget that as soon as you talk to her or see her. Whether it is her love for conversation, her fashion forward attire, or just the fact that she's almost as tall as her mother, she's a young lady well beyond her years. Madison is a beautiful, sweet, and charming niece who will make an excellent flower girl.